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You can get the activation codes for the following coins:

Applewomyn 2006
Applewomyn 'Fall Colors' 2006
Arizona 2006
Arizona Seasons
Breakfast Buddies
Capitana Medallion Treasure
Caching Pill, The
Caching Pill Refill, The
Centris 2006
Cache Cow
CacheAid Box
CacheAid Kit
Capitana Medallion Treasure Geocoin
CITO Around the World 2007
Chinese Year of the Rat 2008
Chippewa Valley Event Coin
da Vinci Coins
Earth Turtle, The
Experience Minnesota 2006
Falcon Loader 2006
Finnish Tram Event Coin 2006
Fish Coin
FisnJack 2006
Florida Finders Fest 3rd Annual
Florida Geocachers Association 2006
Florida Landmarks Series 2006
Florida Shipwreck Decypher Coin
For The Year of The Pig
Fundamental and Venlis (Copper)
Fundamental and Venlis 2006
Girona Fire Salamander Geocoin
Gold Escudo Treasure Coin
Hoppin' Cousin #1
IceCreamMan, Mrs.
IowaBeaver 2006
JeeperMTJ 2006
LittleHopper 2006
LizardToadZ Decypher Ver I-The Toad
LizardToadZ Decypher GOLD Ver II-The Toad
LizardToadZ Decypher Ver I-The Lizard
LizardToadZ Decypher Ver II-The Lizard
LizardToadZ Decypher GOLD Ver III-The Lizard
Lost Treasure Atocha Cross
Lucky Scratch-n-Win 2006
MAGC 2006
MAGC BRTango 2007
Mermaid SWAG
Message in a Bottle
Moab Kokopelli
Modern Day Outlaws
Muggles Watching
NEFGA Jeep Club
Northeast Ohio NeoGeo 2006
Official Log Book
Original Stash Plaque Coin 2006
Original Stash Plaque 7th Anniversary Coin 2007
Orient Express Game Coin, The
Pocket Decoder, The
Scottish Bash 2006
Snowbird and MountainGoat
Southern Ontario Cachers Beaver 2006
Southern Ontario Cachers Geese 2006
Trekkin' & Birdin'
Wall Street/Broadway Personal Coin
Whale Trail
Wigoweb Geocoin
Wykenwizard Geocoin
You Found Me
Zoester 2006
2LuknF8 Jeep Coin 2006

Antique Silver Pocket Decoder

Geocaching Snowman in Winter

Geocaching Snowman in Spring

Geocaching Snowman in Summer

Geocaching Snowman in Autumn

GS Bikerz Alpha

Leader of the Cache

Hopi Kokopelli

It's a Geocacher's World

Geocaching Infinite Sands

Geocaching in Paradise: Tropical Isle

Tribute to Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Tribute to Jules Verne's Mysterious Island




This page will allow you to get activation codes for trackable coins. Please note that this will only work for coins where the owner has arranged with us for this service. Only type in the 6-digit tracking number - do not include any serial number that may be assigned to your coin. Please also keep in mind that you are only retrieving the activation code and you still need to go to the geocaching web site to complete the activation process.

To activate a Groundspeak Travel Bug or Geocoin:

  1. Visit the Groundspeak web site.
  2. In the box under the Bug icon, enter in the Travel Bug number that is imprinted on the bug you wish to activate. Click on the barcode beneath the box to visit that bug's web page.
  3. On the bug's page there is a link to activate your bug. Click on it (you will need to be logged in to Geocaching.com in order to activate).
  4. Enter in the tracking number and activation code into the boxes provided. Click to assign the bug to you.
  5. At this point the Travel Bug is activated as yours. Use the edit link in the upper right hand corner of the page to give your Travel Bug a name and description, and to upload images.