Coin Quest

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What You Need to Play:
1) A GPS Receiver and access to the Internet.
2) A desire to spend time with family and friends
3) A passion for caching and or an addiction for GeoCoins!

The Games Objective:
Decode a phrase hidden in a Treasure Map, this phrase will reveal the location of our hidden Treasure Chest of coins! You will need to complete 16 caching requirements in order to complete your map. Each requirement logged will earn you one piece of the map.

Registering to Play:
If you are new to this web site, the first time you sign in you will be asked for your e-mail address, home address, city, state (province), zip code (postal code) and phone number. (This information is confidential and will not be published anywhere). Please make sure to use your correct mailing address.

Playing The Game;
Once you've signed up to play, log in and go to 'Log A Cache' This page features 16 different icons, each one represents the type of cache you will need to log. Please visit HERE for a more detailed description of the 16 cache requirements. These caching requirements can be done in any order, some may require more research and be a bit further or harder to get to, others may be right in your backyard or you may even find yourself creating one or two of them! Each time you log a Cache Requirement you will receive a piece of a Treasure Map, only you can see your Treasure map and you must be logged in to see it. You are only allowed to log one Cache every 24 hours, the reason for this is to give more folks equal playing ground. When writing your log on the geocaching web site please state in your log that you are logging this cache as a requirement for the Coin Quest game.

A captain's log book was discovered by DjWilcox and is AVAILABLE for those who wish to read about Captain Garmin & his Helmsman Magellan's journey to the lost Island off the coast of Trinidad...Reading the journal may or may not help you in your quest, but time spent reading with your child is a precious treasure in it's own way . . . you might consider reading a page or two during your waiting period, or perhaps, your kids would enjoy visiting the KID'S TREASURE CHEST where they can print out and color the icon's of the 16 cache requirements. Remember . . . spending time with family is what caching is all about!!

Logging A Cache Requirement:
Once you've completed a Cache Requirement, return here and log in. Click on 'Log a Cache' then click on the Icon that represents the Cache you've completed. A screen will prompt you to enter the Cache Name - The GC Number of the Cache - and any comments you would like to share about your adventure, Click Submit - The first piece of your map will appear - each time you log another Cache Requirement, another map piece will appear, until all 16 pieces are visible. Within the map are several hidden phrases . . . some will lead you nowhere . . . but solve the correct one and you'll find our hidden chest of coins! Winners names will be listed automatically on the "Coin Winners" page according to the time the correct phrase is entered. Coins will be issued consecutively #1 - 250.

Guidelines and Rules
This game is meant for folks to have some fun, it would be hard for us to try and enforce hard-set rules and regulations. The guidelines we have set up we hope players will respect and log within those guidelines. Be ye warned that we have a large pirate crew that just may check to make sure your name is in the logbooks of the caches on the date ye claim. Play fair and square matey's or you might find yourselves 'Walkin' the Plank'.

Please visit our Frequenty Asked Questions page for more complete details.

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