The Orient Express Quest

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Istanbul Time: 8/28/2016 4:58:31 PM
What You Need to Play:
1) A GPS Receiver and access to the Internet.
2) A desire to spend time with family and friends
3) A passion for caching and or an addiction for GeoCoins!
4) A Lizard decypher coin and a Toad decypher coin or make your own paper decoders.

Registering to Play:
If you previously played the Coin Quest or the Desert Hermit games you can log in using your regular player name. If you are new to our games, the first time you sign in you will be asked for your demographic information and real name (This information is confidential and will not be published anywhere).

Picking Your Start Time:
In past games everyone has started the game at the same time. This time we decided to make this a little more random by having each person “pick” a start time. There are 8 suitcases, each suitcase holds a different time ranging from 4 hours up to 11 hours. Players can sign in and pick their start time - your game clock will then be set for your first move. (CLICK HERE for a world time clock). Players who start the game more than 11 hours after the train has left the station will not be required to pick a start time. BE SURE TO PICK A CASE WHEN YOU ARE ON THE SCREEN. IF YOU LEAVE THE SCREEN WITHOUT PICKING A CASE YOU WILL GET 11 HOURS BY DEFAULT AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COME BACK!

The Games Objective:
Decode 16 phrases found in a French Major's journal using keywords found on a treasure map. Keywords are obtained by completing 16 different caching requirements. Each requirement logged will earn you one piece of the map. The Major has written a letter or a keyword on each piece of the map, these keywords will be used to decode the Major's journal entries found here JOURNAL PAGE 1   JOURNAL PAGE 2   Some of the codes use alphabet letters and some of them use the Major's own secret symbols. CLICK HERE to see an example of decrypting an alphabet code using a Lizard coin. And CLICK HERE to see an example of decrypting a symbol code using a Toad coin. It takes a little practice but once you get the hang of it - it’s addicting :o)

Playing The Game:
We’ve added a new twist! In the past two Quests, all players were required to wait 24 hours between logging their caches. This time we are introducing a game similar to Deal or No Deal where each time after you log a cache requirement you will be given the chance to pick from a set of 24 suitcases which contain numbers between 1 hour and 48 hours, pick well and you can move to the top of the leader board. Then again, you may decide it’s advantageous to keep your default time of 24 hours, in that case you would simply click the “NO DEAL” button. With the top spots on the leader board constantly changing it should make for a more exciting game with more strategy involved!! For more information on the suitcases visit the FAQ page.

All requirements must be NEW logs, of caches you have not logged before. No pre-caching is allowed! Please visit HERE for a more detailed description of the 16 cache requirements. These caching requirements can be done in any order and you can find more than one per day, in fact you can find all 16 on the same day if you want to. But you can only log the caches as your game clock allows. Each time you log a cache requirement you will receive a piece of a Treasure Map, only you can see your Treasure map and you must be logged in to see it. Two of the requirements also require you to answer a question about the city involved before logging can take place. These questions concern interesting facts that we learned while preparing the game - sharing answers is not allowed and please don’t mention the answers to these questions in your comments at The Caching Place or logs on!

Logging a Cache Requirement:
Once you've completed a Cache Requirement, return here and log in. Click on 'Log a Cache' then click on the Icon that represents the cache you've completed. A screen will prompt you to enter the cache name - The GC number of the cache - and any comments you would like to share about your adventure, click submit - The first piece of your map will appear. Check that piece carefully, each map piece contains a keyword (or letter) that is used to decode a phrase from the Major's journal. Each time you log cache requirement, another map piece will appear, until all 16 pieces are visible. A cryptex will appear with the 16th map piece and you will need to enter the correct word to open the cryptex and get the key to enter the hidden treasure room. (It has been rumored that the sixteenth key names the location where the treasure room can be found. Quest finisher's names will be listed automatically on the "Quest Leader" page according to the time the correct phrase is entered.

Game Participation Coin:
We have designed a beautiful coin for this Quest for both players and non-players. The coin will be trackable at with a custom icon. Each coin is available with the players name and finish rank custom engraved on the coin. You will be given the opportunity to purchase this coin when you finish the Quest.

Guidelines and Rules:
This game is created for folks to have some fun, it's impossible for us to enforce hard-set rules and regulations. The guidelines we have set up are pretty clear and we hope players will respect these rules and log within the guidelines. Be warned that the ghost of Major Bouchewaak is out there and he may check to make sure your name is in the logbooks of the caches on the date you claim, and Inspector Pfeffer is not someone you want to mess with!!

Please visit our Frequenty Asked Questions page for more complete details.

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