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How to Order Custom Coins

The Caching Place is a geocaching.com official manufacturer of geocoins. We produce thousands of trackable and non-trackable coins and will provide you with the best possible price, highest quality coins in the marketplace, expert craftsmanship and impeccable customer service.

For those of you who want a trackable coin we work directly with the folks at Groundspeak to obtain your codes and we handle the entire transaction. We also offer an Activation Code Retrieval System of all of our trackable coins.

Whether you're looking to make a Personal geocoin that represents who you are or looking for company to work with for a group, State or Country coin - we are here to help you through the process.

Easy and Simply Steps


Complete the Request for a Quote which provides us with some basic information about what you are looking for. If we have any questions at that time we will contact you for clarification. To see the different coin options, metal finishes plus color charts, click on the selection below.

Coin Options
Coin Size
Number of Coins
2D or 3D Design
Edge Finishes
Coloring Options
Photo Imaging
Granulated Background Finishes
Epoxy Coating
Laser Engraved Numbering

Metal Finishes and Color Charts
20 Different Metal Finishes
Pantone Color Chart
Glow in the Dark
Hard and Soft Enamel

Custom Coins


Email your artwork to us, regardless of what stage it is in (pictures, line drawings, designs by other geocoin artists - whatever it is). Our design services are free of charge and we will work with you until your design is just the way you want it to look. If you are looking for fun ideas you can also check out clip.com and do a Search for your theme. Once we have a better idea of the design and any artwork you have we can provide you with the cost of your custom coins and information about the production time, etc.


Once your artwork is complete it will take approximately 3-4 days to provide you with a Final Art Proof and Invoice to review and sign-off on. Once we receive your payment production begins immediately. It takes approximately 3 weeks to manufacture the coins (depending upon holidays, etc.). You can request a sample(s) of your coin at no cost; however, if you decide to have a sample made it will add at least 1-2 weeks to the production time.


Reordering your custom coins is easy and the best part is that there are no die charges - all you pay for is the coin itself and shipping! You can change the color or choose a different metal finish. Email us and we can provide you with all of the options.