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Dear Fellow Geocachers!

Home of the Pocket Decoder TM

Custom Engraved Pocket Decoders! Great Gifts! Just add $8.95 to your order for each item.

Antique Silver Pocket Decoder back in stock ready to ship!

We will ship all items in 48 hours except for engraved items which will take 72 hours. We have shipped to 29 Countries world wide!

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The Caching Place is your home for the World Famous Pocket Decoder ! We designed and produce all three versions of the Pocket Decoder and it's optional Symbol Center Wheels.


The Caching Place ships worldwide! 29 countries & growing!


Play the World Explorers Quest.


caters to the international sport of geocaching. Geocaching is a high-tech version of a treasure hunt. Cachers use a GPS receiver to mark the location of a "geocache" (or "ccache") anywhere in the world for others to find. Cachers are involved in both the hiding and finding of caches. The Caching Place has been in business since September 8, 2005!

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The Pocket Decoder™

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