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Hobbit Land Time: 8/28/2016 12:50:35 PM
See Schedule For Drawings And List Of Winners

What You Need to Play:
1) A Pocket Decoder coin or make your own paper decoders.

Registering to Play:
If you previously played any of our previous games then you can log in using your regular player name. If you are new to our games, the first time you sign in you will be asked for your demographic information and real name (This information is confidential and will not be published anywhere).

Registering For The Drawing For The Free Golden Pocket Decoder We will be holding a monthly drawing to give away a free Golden Pocket Decoder. The drawing will continue until they have all been given away. You must have a tracking code from the back of a pocket decoder or a code from a mailed card to register. Each traking number may only be registered one time. CLICK HERE to register a Pocket Decoder or card for the drawing.

Starting The Game:
In this game there is no geocaching involved. It is simply a matter of solving codes and clicking on the correct spot on an image that represents one of the nine regions that you must cross in search of the Golden Pocket Decoder.

The Games Objective:
The Golden Pocket Decoder has been stolen by The Evil Wizard and he has run off with it across the land. If he gets it back to his Castle then he will encase it in a crystal ball with an evil spell and it will be very difficult to get it out. The Golden Pocket Decoder gives off a golden glow that you may be able to see to help you know which region to enter to continue your pursuit. To progress from one region to the next you will need to click on the correct spot on each region. You will know where to click by deciphering the message given for that region. Warning one. The correct spot for one player may not be the correct spot for another player. Warning two. Clicking on the wrong spot will result in a time penalty of from one to 24 hours. Be very careful and take your time to get things right.

Tips On Using Your Pocket Decoder
Using your Pocket Decoder can be a little tricky at first. CLICK HERE for some tips and suggestions to help you get the most from your Pocket Decoder and to quickly become a decoding expert.

The Codes:
Each of the nine regions in the game have a different way of using the Pocket Decoder. Here is a list of the regions and a brief description of their method of encoding.
The Mushroom Valley: The Simple Symbol cipher using one symbol for the entire message. (More Info)
The Elfen Woods: The Forest dwellers use each letter in the keyword twice. (More Info)
The Trapper's Lake: The Trappers align the keyword letters with themselves instead of the A. (More Info)
The Headhunter's Jungle: The Headhunters use a keyword based on the day of the month. (More Info)
The Tropical Island: The Islanders use a vigenere ciphers with symbols. (More Info)
The Forbidden Entrance: The entrance guards use a prime letter on keyword. (More Info)
The Tunnel of Treasure: The miners reverse the keyword before enciphering. (More Info)
The Rail Ride of Doom: The tunnelers add the message to make an auto key code. (More Info)
The Door Of Judgement: The door keepers use an auto key code with the key letter aligned to itself. (More Info)

Guidelines and Rules:
This game is created for folks to have some fun, it's impossible for us to enforce hard-set rules and regulations. The guidelines we have set up are pretty clear and we hope players will respect these rules and log within the guidelines. Be warned that the Wizard is out there and may check to make sure that everyone is playing fair.

Signing Up For Our Forums
Unfortunately the forums are not integrated with the game site so therefore there is a seperate registration process. If this is your first time on the forums you will need to click on the link that says "REGISTER". After you fill in the information an email will be sent to you. Your forum account will not be activated until you follow the instructions in the email. And yes, you can use the same username and password that you used on the game site.

Please visit our Frequenty Asked Questions page for more complete details.

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