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COIN QUEST Participation Player Coin Sold Out

SKU: CQ2005
COIN QUEST Participation Coin!

Ahoy Matey!

Here be the coin for all you landlubbers who survived the Coin Quest. Some Coin Questers were rewarded with some mighty fine plunder and some poor Questers be getting nothing. But Captn 3 Sheets he be takin pity an put together a fine coin for all who be want’n memento of the fine times spent looking fer them caches.

The Skeleton crew be makin a fine 1.5” Antique Bronze coin. The crew be charging a $2.00 per order handling fee (not per coin).

Proceeds from game coins go to the development of future games. Thank you for your support!
Sold Out
COIN QUEST Participation Player Coin Sold Out
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